Saturday, 28 February 2015

stream Home Cinema

would you like to stream all of Home Cinema before the album is released (on 16th March)?


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

bring a photo to the gig

Someone on Twitter asked what to bring to the album launch gig at the Lexington and it got me thinking how it might be nice if people brought a family photo and we could put them all up somewhere.

So... please bring a family photo (or a copy if it's precious) to the gig!

and if you don't have your tickets yet, you can get them here:


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Some background to the record...

I wrote Katie NYC a few months after my grandma had phoned me telling me her cousin Katie had died. I had gotten to know Katie over a few years and had loved her dearly and visited her in New York city when she had cancer and there was a chance I would not see her again. She had a very eventful life and a very tragic one at times but still had the most human warmth about her. I was sat in my living room in York (old York) thinking about all this and started to put together this song. After I played it to some friends who said it was good I thought I should write more songs about family. Surely everyone was bored of my romantic bitterness by now. So the other songs came from there. Consequences is the odd one out as it's not about a family member.

A fair while later, after I had done some 'solo' gigs with Mark on drum(s), been in a band with Rory, and met Laura, I decided it was time to record the songs. We got together and spent two days at Sickroom studios in Norfolk. We recorded the whole record pretty much live then overdubbed the backing vocals and other percussion. I had to go back to record Charlie song one evening as I had momentarily forgotten it during the main recording session. Owen did a great job recording it all and John's been great helping make it into a real record. I'm so pleased I've been able to make this thing with the help of some people who feel like family.

Some pictures from learning the songs then recording them

Emma's experience of recording Home Cinema with Rory, Laura, and Mark

We had chinese food and after Mark and Laura left we spent a lot of time at the piano...

home cinema recording from Emma Cooper on Vimeo.

Emma Kupa's Home Cinema press release

here's the press release for Home Cinema, just in case you need it!

Emma Kupa, former Standard Fare front woman, releases her first solo material on wiaiwya in March 2015.
Home Cinema is a mini album; six songs of spritely jangle-folk-indie-country, about family, death, drink problems, holocaust survivors and communism.

Home Cinema is a succinct, catchy and honest record; it feels like Emma is entrusting you with her closest family secrets, but - damn her - she’s putting them to a tune so infectious there’s nothing you can do to keep them to yourself. Home Cinema features six earworms about members of Emma’s family:

“Katie was my grandmother's cousin who I struck up a friendship with and visited before she died; she had very blue eyes. Charlie was my grandad and a handsome Jewish communist. ‘There Will Come A Day’ is about my mum; she is the serious looking twin on the record’s cover. Her mother (on the far left) died when she was 5.”

Emma has assembled a magnificent band to complement her distinct and expressive vocals on Home Cinema, and they make this record so much more than your indie standard (ahem) fare. Each song is fleshed out by Laura “Ankles” Coles (currently in EIGHT other bands!) on banjo, bass and belt slapping, Mark Boxall on drums and percussion, and Without Feather’s Rory McVicar’s lovely skipping guitar parts.

Emma stepped into the limelight as the lead singer, bass player and songwriter for much loved (and missed) indie heroes Standard Fare, and has since been a front woman in Without Feathers, Mammoth Penguins and the Hayman Kupa Band. What she lacks in quality band names she more than makes up for in intensely personal and irresistibly hummable pop tunes.

There is an album launch gig at the Lexington in London on Thursday 19th March.

Sunday, 15 February 2015